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June 5-6, 2025, Helsinki

Elkhonon Goldberg Conference Finland

Registration opens on September 1

Welcome to Helsinki

Influenced by the enduring neuroscientific legacy and work of Alexander R. Luria and Elkhonon Goldberg, we are honored to host the first
Elkhonon Goldberg Conference in Helsinki 5-6 June, 2025.

You are warmly welcomed.

Outi Surma-aho, clinical neuropsychologist, LicPsych
Marja-Liisa Kaipio, clinical neuropsychologist, PhD

Elkhonon Goldberg

PhD, ABPP/ABCN, Director, Luria Neuroscience Institute, New York, NY USA

Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, is an internationally recognized neuropsychologist and cognitive neuroscientist and the Founding Director of the Luria Neuroscience Institute ( Dr. Goldberg is a diplomate of The American Board of Professional Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology and the Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor of SharpBrains, an online brain fitness center.

His scientific work, published books, and teaching are dedicated to advancing research and disseminating knowledge about the cerebral organization of cognitive functions, frontal lobe functions, hemispheric specialization, memory, and cognitive fitness during aging.

His books have been published in multiple languages.

Elkhonon Goldberg

Boris Kotchoubey

MD, PhD, Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tübingen, Germany

Boris Kotchoubey, MD, PhD, is an internationally prominent scientist in the field of cognitive neuroscience and biopsychology, particularly in the study of consciousness. He holds the position of Professor at the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology at the University of Tübingen.

Dr. Kotchoubey’s research spans several multifaceted fields, including event-related potential (ERP) studies, assessing recovery timelines in disorders of consciousness, neurofeedback, neurobiological aspects of voluntary actions in higher animals, and the neural foundations of free will and conscious awareness.

His work significantly deepens our understanding of the intricate relationship between the brain and the human mind.

Boris Kotchoubey


Hotel Kämp Helsinki
Hotel Kämp Helsinki

Pohjoisesplanadi 29 Helsinki